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Creamy Cantaloupe Mint Soup

In my opinion, one of the key advantages of all this soup-making is that often I can decide to make something that’s going to help use up whatever I happen to have a surplus of in the kitchen. And that’s exactly how this Creamy Cantaloupe Mint Soup was created. Last Thursday I got a little preview share from my CSA, which will officially begin in a few weeks (and undoubtedly exert an influence over my soup-making, and this blog, in the coming months). Anyway, the preview share was mostly delicious radishes, which I promptly ate up in two days, and bunches of some fresh herbs, including a large supply of mint. And for me, when I see a big bunch of mint, of course I think mojitos, so I’ve been living on mojitos and radishes with butter and baguette for the last few days (not a bad existence at all, I’ll admit).

So today when I still had some mint to use up, plus the sugar syrup from the mojito recipes, I tried to think about what soup I could concoct with them. I also noticed that cantaloupes were on sale at the grocery this weekend and decided to pull all of these together into a quick and easy summer soup. I found this recipe online and adapted it to what I had around, and thus Creamy Cantaloupe Mint Soup was born.

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