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Asparagus and Rice Soup FAIL

Today, my friends, is a tragic day. The day when I have to post about my first Mostly Soup FAIL. That’s right! This is a new category for the blog, one which hopefully won’t be used often, although I still feel it can’t hurt to write about these sad, uneaten soups whenever they occur.

It all started last weekend, when I decided I wanted to make a light spring soup– but not another all-veggie/fruit soup, as I’d done a lot of those recently (and there will be plenty more to come this summer, I promise you). I chose this Asparagus and Rice Soup that I found on the Serious Eats blog — not only did it sound light, filling, and delicious, but I thought it would be nice as a sort of end of spring recipe, being that it features asparagus and everything. Plus I already had all of the ingredients in my house (except bacon, and  I am really never adverse to buying some extra bacon).

I only made a few small changes to the recipe — for one, I used brown rice instead of white, because that is what I had on hand. I knew that this would require additional cooking time, so I adjusted the procedure accordingly. I did think that the 5 TABLESPOONS of olive oil called for in the beginning sounded like way too much, so I took that down by half. Otherwise, I did everything as instructed.

The thing is, I had a small cup of this soup right after I made it and it wasn’t half bad. A little richer than I wanted — I really had hoped for something pretty light, but all that bacon (I think I used about 4 or 5 slices total) really weighed things down. And the onion flavor was pretty strong. Oh well, I figured this would still make a good lunch for my week as I ladled the soup into plastic storage containers. They cooled down before I popped them into the fridge.

This is really where the problems started.

The next day at lunch I went to grab my soup and found that it had hardened overnight into a gelatinous mass. As in, from all of the olive oil + bacon fat in this soup. I’m sorry, but eew. I’m sure it would re-liquefy somewhat when heated, but I could not bring myself to scoop out this solid mess and attempt to reconstitute it into lunch. Yuck. So, as much as I hate to waste perfectly good food, I’m afraid this one was just headed for the trash. FAIL.


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